Leaky Pipe Repair Salt Lake City, UT

The most common plumbing problems you are likely to encounter are leaky pipes. Water is persistent and difficult to contain. Consequently, any weak points in your plumbing system are vulnerable to leaking. Joints, connectors and older or worn pipes are all particularly prone to leaks, however even brand new system components can fail on occasion. Unfortunately, leaks tend to erupt in the most challenging places, such as inside walls or under concrete slabs.
Risks of Leaking Pipes in Utah

A plumbing leak can leave your home or business without water service. For most people, that constitutes an inconvenience but, for many commercial enterprises, it may mean a loss of productivity or even temporary closure. Beyond these considerations, pipe leaks can be costly and damging, especially when undetected, as water leaks out unseen into the ground or inside the walls. A slow leak is particularly dangerous, especially under the sink, behind the toilet or near the water heater. Wood cabinets can be destroyed and dangerous or toxic mold can grow unnoticed. If the leak occurs inside the wall, you may face replacing drywall or even the wood framing of your home. Under a concrete slab, leaky pipes can erode the soil, causing the concrete to crack or even collapse.


Potential Warning Signs of Salt Lake City Plumbing Leaks

For many people, the first sign of a leaky pipe is an unexplained increase in their water bill. If the leak is slow however, the increase may be minor enough to disregard until the damage becomes substantial. Be on the lookout for any brown stains or other discoloration on walls or ceilings. Sudden concrete cracking or settling is another potential warning sign but, in extreme cases, water may even seep up through the slab, causing an unexplained patch of wet carpet. Take notice of any new or unexplained musty smells, especially in the attic, basement, garage, laundry room, kitchen or bath, and don’t wait to call in a professional plumbing contractor.


Leaky Pipe Repair in Salt Lake City, Utah

Ed Gardner Plumbing specializes in leak detection and leaky pipe repair for the homes and businesses of northern Utah. Whether your pipes are copper, plastic or galvanized, our professional technicians are trained to locate the leak and correct the problem. Even under-slab leak repair is quick and easy with Ed Gardner, reducing the potential for damage. With our state-of-the-art leak detection and repair equipment you can rest assured that your leaky pipes will be repaired or replaced in no time.

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