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Until your system fails, you may not truly appreciate the importance of your water heater. Being without hot water is a problem on its own, but the flooding and water damage that can occur as a result can be catastrophic. You depend on a steady supply of hot water for washing clothes and dishes as well as for bathing or showering. You may or may not have any warning signs that a problem is near, but having routine professional inspections and maintenance service will greatly reduce the chances of unexpected failure. Of course, the day will inevitably come when you have no choice but to replace your water heater. When that happens, Ed Gardner Plumbing is your water heater replacement specialist in Salt Lake City and surrounding communities.


Common Salt Lake City, Utah Water Heater Problems

The first sign of a problem comes when you run out of hot water during your shower or when the water just doesn’t seem as hot as it once was. In the case of conventional water heaters, whether gas or electric, the trouble may relate to heating elements, thermostats or pilot lights. Or, you may notice that your water has taken on a strange, rusty color, another indication of impending failure. But the strongest indicator that a problem is on the horizon comes when you notice drips or leaks from your water heating unit or the surrounding pipes. If you experience any of these issues, don’t delay in making placing a service call to Ed Gardner Plumbing.


The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance in Salt Lake

Extending the life of your water heater is certainly budget-friendly but it will also help you avoid unexpected failure and potential flooding. Although it’s very rare, there are known examples of serious injury and property damage from water heater ruptures and explosions. Routine maintenance and inspection will help catch problems before they elevate, leaving you ankle-deep in cold water. Ed Gardner Plumbing understands the importance of maintaining your water heater, and will always endeavor to keep your plumbing and water heating components in tip-top shape.


When Your Salt Lake City Water Heater Must be Replaced

Inevitably the day will come when your water heater has become more rusty than trusty, and it’s time for a replacement. When that happens, Ed Gardner Plumbing can explain your options and work to meet your goals for budget and energy savings. Today’s gas water heaters and electric models offer unparalleled energy savings, helping your bottom line and the environment as well. You may also want to consider tankless water heater options or even the new hybrid hot water heaters, which offer an effective combination of water flow and heating capacity.

Whatever your residential or commercial water heater needs may be, Ed Gardner Plumbing is the right choice in the Salt Lake City area.

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