Many people consider the water softener an essential piece of equipment in their utility closet. The water softener is responsible to remove any minerals, such as magnesium, iron, and/or calcium, that are in your water causing it to be hard.

In many people’s opinion, hard water accounts for many problems in your home. Issues like clogged pipes, scum build up in or on your appliances and faucets, dirty feeling or looking items in your home, just to name a few.

Today, we’d like to discuss some of the many benefits to utilizing a water softener in your home.

Adds Years to Your Pipes and Appliances

This could arguably be the most important reason for having a water softener. Using a water softener in your home can prolong the life of your pipes and appliances by protecting them from clogging due to scale buildup which can lead to bimetallic corrosion. This means that the limescale will eat away at the surface and shorten the life of whatever it is on.

As you can imagine, replacing pipes is very inconvenient and can be quite expensive. Not only can limescale eat away at your pipes, but also your appliances and fixtures/faucets. Your refrigerator water dispenser, sink/shower/hose faucets, coffee makers, and the list goes on. Eliminating limescale from these surfaces will lengthen the lifespan of these appliances immensely.

Lower Cost of Bills

Using a water softener in your home can help cut costs when it comes to your utility bills. Over time, hard water creates scale buildup in your pipes and any appliances that use water which can reduce your water heater’s efficiency.

Because more energy is being using to heat the water, your energy bills increase. Making your water heater as efficient as possible can save you a lot of money. Studies have shown that water heaters that use soft hard water use about 25% less energy than if it were using hard water.

Use Less Product

Did you know that soap is not as effective in hard water than it is in soft water? This is because soap negatively reacts with the minerals found in hard water, making it more difficult for the soap and shampoo to lather.

Because it’s harder to make your product lather, you end up using more soap or shampoo than you would otherwise. With soft water, you’re able to use 75% less product! If you have thick hair or have a lot of people showering in your home, these savings add up really fast!

Cleaner Feel and Look

Hard water leaves undesirable water spots, icky soap scum buildup, and unseen – but felt! – mineral deposits. Skin that has been washed in hard water often feels dry and looks dull.

Hair that’s washed in hard water loses its shine and residue builds up on the scalp, making it feel itchy, look flakey and not clean.

Not only does hard water affect the body, but it can make your clothes, sheets and other linens feel scratchy and can dull the colors. Soft water helps eliminate all these problems.

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