6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

There is never a good time for your water heater to go out.  No one knows when it will happen, but it always seems to kick the bucket at the very worst, most inconvenient time.  Don’t let it happen to you.  You can avoid a lot of potential damage, a huge disruption, and a massive headache by keeping these 6 signs it’s time to replace your water heater in mind.

1. Noise

As your water heater ages, sediment will build up in your tank.  The creaks, bangs and rumbles that are coming out of your water heater are likely caused by the heating and reheating of the sediment.  The build up can take plenty of space in your water heater and wastes a lot of energy. Leaving you with less hot water and higher utility bills.  The build up can also cause damage to your metal tank. So if you hear what sounds like a thunderstorm, a rock band drummer, or an earthquake coming from your utility closet or garage, it’s time to think about replacements.

2. No Hot Water

This is typically the first sign people seem to notice.  Annoying and inconvenient. A lack of hot water could just mean the pilot light is out or a breaker tripped.  If it’s not either of those, it could mean your water heater is on the fritz.  The sediment in your tank that has built up over the years is blocking the water from the heat source.

3. Age

If you don’t know the last time your hot water heater was replaced, it’s likely time to replace it!  Generally, water heaters should be replaced every ten (or so) years.  If your water heater is struggling in any way and is over ten years old, it’s a sure sign it’s done.  Even a well maintained water heater will become inefficient and won’t be reliable.

4. Contaminated Water

Contaminated water can show its ugly face in several different ways: the water is rusty colored, sand, grit or sediment is present, or it has a metallic-y taste or smell.  These issues could be resolved with a tank flush, however, it’s typically a big warning sign that something isn’t right.  Your water heater could be rusting; causing the metal tank to breakdown.  These rusty breakdowns can lead to metal particles in your water and leaks.

5. Repairs After Repairs

Another sign your water heater is on its way out is when the repairman frequents your utility closet too often.  If you’ve called for several repairs over the last few months, it could be time to save the cost of the repairs and just replace it.

6. Leaks

A leak or any pooled water is, obviously, a bad sign.  Check your tank often for any signs of pooling or leaking.  The damage pools of water and leaks can cause is exponential.  Not only do you have to replace your water heater, but think about the mold issues, damaged floors, ceilings, and joists it could cause.

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