Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

Common commercial plumbing problems are many and varied, and any one of them can sideline your business, costing you money. It’s best to prevent plumbing problems when you can, but it isn’t always possible, and your eventual need for a commercial plumber is inevitable. Keep your eye out for the following scenarios in which you may need a commercial plumber.

No Maintenance

When a property does not receive proper plumbing maintenance, every potential problem turns real and serious. When was the last time your building’s system was serviced? If you want a stress-free selection process for a commercial plumber, do not wait until you have a toilet overflow to contact a local company. Investigate your local plumbing options and build a relationship with a commercial plumber through scheduled maintenance on your system before problems crop up.

Toilet or Pipe Leaks

Silent leaks inside toilets and invisible leaks behind walls and in ceilings could be costing your company on the quarterly water bill. If you noticed a jump in your latest statement, contact a plumber to inspect toilet water usage and diagnose any other leaks. Undiagnosed pipe leaks pump moisture into drywall and insulation, fueling mold growth over time. Not only is this a health hazard, it can compromise the integrity of the building’s structure. If you notice water stains seeping through any area of the property, call a commercial plumber immediately.

Clogged Drains

Clogs can happen in all kinds of plumbing: a toilet, a grease trap, a drain or a pipe leading away from the building. The reasons for each clog may vary. Toilet overflows can dump gallons of grey or black water throughout the property, requiring a plumbing repair and costly sewage cleanup. When improperly installed, a malfunctioning grease trap could result in a major sewage backup, reversing contaminants back into your business and exposing you to possible fines. If varying non-regulated waste materials are emptied down drains, a stoppage may occur. If tree roots grow into plumbing lines, all outgoing pipes may experience damaging backflow. The only way to diagnose and remedy each clog is through consultation with an experienced commercial plumber.

Water Heater Malfunction

Fluctuating water temperatures could signal that the water heater requires adjustment. If you notice a leak from the heater, it may require replacement. Hot water is essential for food preparation and cleaning in commercial establishments. A faulty water heater is a definite sign your property needs a plumber. While an ambitious business owner may feel comfortable repairing a leaking faucet, water heaters are dangerous and could explode. Do not adjust valves on a damaged water heater. Instead, trust your local plumbing expert to assess the situation and recommend safe repair plans.

Only hire commercial plumbers with proven experience solving plumbing setbacks experienced by businesses everywhere. Get in touch with Ed Gardner Plumbing for fast, efficient repairs when you are experiencing any common commercial plumbing problems.

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