Do Your Drains Need Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is important to release clogs, prevent buildup of oils, fats and grease, and keep your home’s plumbing functioning smoothly. A drain blockage can result in significant water damage, which can be costly to remedy. Mold may grow as a result. A sewer backup is the most dangerous, posing a health hazard and necessitating immediate evacuation and professional service. Following is a list of signs signaling a professional drain cleaning might be called for. You can help control the need for expensive home repairs by watching out for these issues.

Reduced Water Pressure

If you notice a gradual decrease in water pressure over time, mineral deposits may have built up in the water supply lines leading into the house. A block in water flow may also result in inadequate water filling the toilet bowl. The metal pipes may be corroding, actively releasing particles that are restricting proper water flow. A professional can release the sediment blockage and diagnose whether pipe replacement is necessary.

Gurgling or Slow-Moving Drains

 Blocked drains only let a small portion of water through at one time, making the draining water lag in the sink or bathtub. Air pockets form around the clog and are released into the water above it, gradually making their way to the water’s surface, creating the gurgling sound.

Multiple Drain Clogs

One of the most alarming signs indicating a blocked drain is when more than one drain exhibits signs of a clog. This tells plumbers the main drain line is most likely affected, creating draining issues throughout the home. While clogs in individual drains could possibly be removed through home remedies and store-purchased cleaning agents, you need a trained professional for main drain line cleaning.

Overpowering Stench

Decaying sewage releases hydrogen sulfide, putting off a strong odor resembling rotten eggs. Smelling sewer gas in your bathroom is a serious indication the sewer line is blocked or clogged. Over time, you may become used to the stench, but lengthy exposure causes diseases, including upper respiratory infection, pneumonia, sinus problems, memory loss and disorientation. If your kitchen drain is putting out a bad odor, it could be a result of built-up grease and fat which has turned rancid.

Drains Have Never Been Cleaned

If you cannot recall the last time you scheduled professional drain cleaning and your pipes exhibit any of these troubling signs, call a local plumber before the issues get worse. Regular professional drain cleaning is a wise proactive measure designed to put a stop to growing clogs before extensive water damage occurs.

Take notice of what is disposed down your home’s drains – excessive food waste and grease will only harm the plumbing. Contact Ed Gardner Plumbing for comprehensive drain cleaning services and continued plumbing maintenance.

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